Retail Technology

AG New England is committed to information technology offerings that are competitive and strategically responsive to the needs of the independent retailers and consumers. 

AGNE provides a number of technology-related service and support offerings to participating retailers in a comprehensive Retail Technology program.  These offerings are made available through the resources of AGNE's internal Retail Technology staff and a number of strategic partnerships with third party service providers.

  • Streamline store operations with complete point-of-sale and back office solutions
  • Manage pricing more efficiently with warehouse and DSD price host support services
  • Help consumers find you and improve shopping experience with a low cost and feature-rich mobile website
  • Take complete control of your orders with smart electronic order systems
  • Save big on credit and debit card processing with some of our industry's lowest rates
  • Eliminate issues with bad checks with electronic check acceptance
  • Drive incremental sales by offering consumers third party gift cards
  • Seek advice on how to best communicate with customers via social media
  • Keep your invaluable data safe and secure with remote online backup services
  • Drive sales and improve consumer experience with in-store marketing and music