Retail Pricing

AG New England makes precise control of every store's retail pricing easy. Stores can choose from a variety of base-pricing zones and then customize their plan to best meet their individual goals and objectives. Over 500 items are monitored on a monthly basis in several geographic regions to ensure competitive pricing. Upon request, local competitors can be price-checked and local pricing trends monitored to help retailers stay on top of what's happening in their area.

The program includes shelf labels, new-item tags, comparative value labels, and special and organic labels. We also offer file maintenance for most Direct Store Delivery (DSD) items, including unit price labels.

Base Zone Pricing
Base Zones are maintained free-of-charge to all retailers. Base Zone retails utilize an automated margin control system. But new retail prices are then manually reviewed to ensure a competitive structure for stores. The goal is to provide retailers with pricing that reflects no unusual market conditions and takes into account sensitive item pricing while seeking to achieve a predetermined gross profit margin.

Custom Zone Pricing
Recognizing the need for some retailers to establish pricing for their stores that reflects local market conditions, Custom Zone Pricing offers the ultimate in individual control. With this program, a retailer selects as many items as necessary to deliver the overall price image that fits a store's specific competitive retail strategy. Options include fixed-margin retails, which automatically maintain a specific gross profit margin between cost and retail price, or fixed-price retails, which maintains a specific retail price regardless of cost increases or decreases.

Advertised Specials
The pricing system accommodates retailers who participate in the various merchandising/advertising programs. Sale items are delivered and billed at the sale cost and sale retail. This results in a more accurate gross margin on the invoice.

Shelf Labels
Two formats of shelf labels are offered:

Standard Shelf Labels display the pack, size, item description, AG New England item code, UPC number, product ranking, and a scannable bar code.

Unit Pricing Labels come in a number of forms.

  • Regular
  • Budget Stretchers
  • Shurfine
  • New Item
  • Organic
  • Special labels
  • Discontinued
  • Replacements
  • Crazy 8s

These labels display the suggested retail price and a price-per-measure (e.g., per quart, per pound), in addition to all the information provided on a Standard Shelf Label. With Unit Pricing Labels, it isn't necessary to price-mark each item (except when required by law), thereby providing a tremendous labor savings to the retailer. The price-per-measure feature is an exceptional tool that allows consumers to make an educated buying decision by comparing per-measure prices to determine which item offers them the best value. Special labels are offered weekly in alternating colors. We now offer regular Unit Price Labels and Promotional labels for our Haddon House customers.