AG New England takes great pride in delivering the goods to every store in the absolute best possible condition. We also play an active role in making it easier for retailers to deal with damaged product at the store level through the services of a Reclamation Program.

Handling damaged goods at the store level can be a costly waste of store labor. Unsightly damaged goods in a store “Markdown Cart” create a negative impression and are a thing of the past. The essence of this program is to provide an easy and timely method of returning damaged items for credit. Participation in the program can also eliminate poor back room sanitation.

Credits are calculated twice a month for authorized damaged goods processed through the Reclamation Program. Generally the credit is higher than what is normally received by discounting the product to the consumer. An accurate, easy-to-read report details items sent through the program. These reports can also be helpful in store self-evaluation of stocking procedures and store handling.

This program is one more example of how AG New England positions itself from the vantage point of the retailer.