Private Label

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Every store is challenged with the task of developing and maintaining a unique identity. Each store is, in fact, its own brand in the marketplace. A key ingredient for success for independents is Shurfine, the highly acclaimed private label store brand program. Once confined to the grocery aisle, today’s comprehensive Shurfine program includes products in virtually every department.

The quality and value of Shurfine products are unrivaled. Satisfaction is assured with a double-your-money-back guarantee retailers are encouraged to promote. Once sampled, consumers consistently cite a preference for Shurfine products when it comes to eye appeal, taste and value.

AG New England also features the Natural Directions line of organic and Natural Items. Natural Directions is an exciting offering of healthy, organic and earth-friendly food choices.

ShurSaving is the value-priced private label offered to meet the growing demand for even greater cost savings in today's economy. With this expanding line of items, consumers can stretch their shopping dollars even further without sacrificing quality.