Many Independent Retailers have built their stores' identities around the exceptional quality and variety of our meat program. The AG New England Meat Department provides an excellent selection of the highest-quality products with over 4,000 SKUs inventoried or cross-docked. Competitive pricing is achieved through participation in a group-buying consortium. The Shurfine Central Buy Program combines the buying clout of 300 million pounds of beef a year and commands the recognition and consideration of the nation's leading packers and brands.

Quality starts with buying the right product from the right packers at the right price. The Distribution Center receives, stores and ships product under ideal, temperature-controlled conditions to assure the best quality at the store level. Upfront, published product-dating guidelines and additional assurances of freshness are ever present.

A dedicated team of professionals aligns products, pricing and programs with highly effective, store-level merchandising support. It all adds up to working hand-in-hand with retailers to maximize store sales and profits while building customer loyalty.

AG New England's Meat offerings include a full variety of USDA Choice and USDA Select beef. Many easy–to–manage, super trim-type cuts are available from major U.S. packers such as IBP, Swift® and others. Additionally, AG New England offers programs with Smart Chicken®, Ipswich Shellfish and Shurfine.