The foundation of every store is its Center Store Grocery Department. It’s all about balancing the right variety of what today’s consumers want. AG New England boasts a wide availability of the leading national brands, new and emerging products, and the most respected private label store brand program in the industry.

A highly experienced team of procurement specialists is dedicated to competitive retail pricing and solid store profitability. Fulfilling the grocery needs of retailers and assessing the variety and quality of new product offerings are ongoing. A sophisticated inventory management system assists in maintaining inventory control and forecasting product movement. The objectives are to take best advantage of deal opportunities and purchasing methods for maximum store profitability and customer satisfaction.

Vital to the process of effective buying is communicating and implementing promotional opportunities to formulate effective merchandising, creative advertising and store promotions. AG New England’s promotional pricing and temporary price reduction programs, such as the quarterly Budget Stretcher Program, offer retailers limited time only, best-buying opportunities on over 700 selected items per program.

The state-of-the-art Distribution Center in Pembroke, New Hampshire, has sufficient space to allow buying in larger quantities and taking advantage of manufacturer/vendor deals as well as future buying opportunities. Every retailer has the option of selecting products that best fit their locale and customer preferences while exploring new products and expanding the variety and quality of products.

Private Label Store Brand Groceries
In addition to thousands of national brand grocery items, our three-tiered Private Label program has been expanded to include the OWN Brand products. OWN Brands is a well known, quality Store-Brand Program that extends throughout the Center Store and into other departments. The quality and pricing of items have long been recognized for winning customer loyalty and satisfaction.

General Merchandise

A flexible General Merchandising and Health and Beauty Care Program offers a wide variety of products, including private label store brand items. An alliance with Imperial Distributors enables AG New England to fulfill every store's needs in this product category.