Ask Our Associates

What do our associates say about working at Associated Grocers of New England?

AGNE Testimonials"In my 8+ years of working at AG, the professionalism of those in each department has been very much appreciated. The managers that I have worked with specifically take responsibility for what comes across their desks and expect the same from their employees. In our department, employees are given the autonomy to make decisions on several fronts based on the company’s “I own it” philosophy.

The flexibility of our managers and the teamwork of the department is appreciated not only because it affords us the opportunity to be able to volunteer within the community for causes that are close to our hearts, but also allows us to grow through multiple training opportunities throughout the year within the building. These opportunities make us stronger team members as well as giving us all the tools necessary to accomplish our work.

I would recommend AG to anyone who is interested in applying for a company that is growing, professional and treats their employees like family.​"

Layout Coordinator/Graphic Artist

"I have been an employee of AG New England for 32 years, over the years I have been given the opportunity to develop and challenge myself, while advancing thru multiple positions in procurement, sales and advertising. The company provides a great benefit package, and truly cares about its associates and their families. Through the years, I have developed long lasting friendships with many of my co-workers, and although a medium to large size employer, it is truly a family atmosphere."

- VP Sales

AGNE Testimonials"Employees are a business’ most valuable asset, and it didn’t take me long to see that Associated Grocers of New England (AGNE) appreciates the value of their staff.  In the short time I have been here, I have seen AGNE’s dedication to making a positive and pleasant work environment, to offer a path for the professional growth of their staff and to provide benefits that bring comfort and stability to AGNE employees and their families.  Also, there are programs and incentives that encourage social/family events and community involvement.

I consider myself fortunate to be part of AGNE, not only by enjoying a wonderful place to work and thrive, but also by participating in their commitment to excellence to those they serve."

- Receptionist

"Since joining Associated Grocers of New England in 2010, not only am I surrounded by wonderful, approachable, and talented people, but I have been provided many opportunities for personal and professional development. I have made many friends and collected some great memories over the years.

AGNE truly appreciates its employees by recognizing and rewarding their efforts and performance. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day and I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role. Each day, I look forward to value working with our internal and external customers and am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my manager.

If you want to work in good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment - this is the place."

- Human Resources

"It has been very good working with people inside the warehouse and on the road. Everyone seems to work well together keeping in mind the needs of the independent retailers we serve. The guidelines at the warehouse are important and have led to our success also. Another plus is we still are matched on our 401 K which some places have taken away."

- Retail Meat Specialist

"AGNE does a really good job with keeping up with growing trends in the market area. It also does a great job in being open to unknown aspects of customer demands. If there’s a product you need with justifiable results, AGNE is on board. I also really love the support that AGNE gives its employees. You really feel like you’re part of a family. The support you receive from the different branches of the company makes AGNE a really nice place to work.

I would recommend it to any of my friends and family."

- Retail Sales Counselor

AGNE Testimonials"I started working for AG in 1987 through a temporary agency as a secretary.  I became a full time employee in 1989 and worked in Store Development.  In 2001 I became the Customer Service Manager and I have really enjoyed all three positions.  Many customers and employees have come and gone during those 28 years but I have made many life long friends who have impacted me in such a positive manner.  During difficult times in my life, AG, my co-workers and customers stood by me and my family and for that I have eternal gratitude.  For me, AG has always been more than a job…it’s family and I am proud to be part of it!"

- Customer Service Manager

"I began my AGNE career working in the warehouse as a Fulfillment Specialist. I quickly progressed onto learning the many different aspects of the logistics/warehousing industry. After working 6+ years as a warehouse associate I had decided I wanted to try something new. I then relocated to and worked for a manufacturing company utilizing the skills I gained prior. I had still kept in touch with many of my former co workers and supervisors at AGNE. When a supervisory position had opened up, I applied, and shortly thereafter I was hired and am still in my current position.

I am extremely pleased with how much I was able to grow before and after I came back. AGNE is dedicated to its employees and provides a wealth of opportunity to grow within. I could not be happier with my decision to once again join the AGNE team."

- Training and Safety Supervisor

AGNE Testimonials

"I like being part of the team at Associated Grocers, being a young kid, coming out of High School, I have so many opportunities to be trained on many different machines and jobs.  Working here gives you the experience that you can’t find anywhere else.  Also, being part of a team with many different backgrounds, all working as a whole to meet the customers’ needs that’s something that I am very proud of."

- Warehouse

"I recently had my 1 year anniversary in July 2015, as a member of the Transportation team. I have enjoyed my travels all over New England, New York & Pennsylvania delivering groceries to all of our Co-op members & independent retailers large & small. The Transportation Department has helped me out numerous times to make sure that I knew exactly where I was going to deliver that day or upcoming week. I'm also very thankful to Human Resources department for helping set up my exceptional benefits package that AGNE has to offer me. I'm extremely happy to be a member of the AGNE Team & Community."

- Transportation, Driver

"When I was hired over 20 years ago my father said “AG is a good company and they will take care of you.”  He was absolutely correct.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with a management team who is genuinely interested in teaching and mentoring employees.  I’m continually faced with new challenges and chances to think out of the box.  In addition to a culture that focuses on personal growth, my team members are the best.  They are always willing to assist each other and provide a supportive environment, which is priceless."

- Finance, Controller

"In the nearly forty years I have worked for Associated Grocers, I have seen many changes with the Company and our industry…but one thing that has never changed is AG’s steadfast commitment to its employees and the retailers we serve.  Like so many of my fellow employees, I have been given opportunities for advancement and professional growth, and made lifelong friends along the way. While many employers offer jobs, AG offers the opportunity for a career, and the ability to truly make a difference each and every day."  

- Marketing & Communications, Sr. Manager