Store Equipment & Design

AG New England's Store Equipment & Design Department supports all renovations, expansions and store construction. Retailers interested in improving their existing stores or taking on the construction of new stores will find helpful services and expertise. The full range of services includes site evaluation, store layouts, equipment surveys, equipment and fixture purchasing.

• Remodeling
• Expansion
• New Site Development

Store design and layout services include highly accurate Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) blueprint drawings that can be rapidly revised to provide “what if” store layout alternatives. Quality and turnaround time are optimized and design costs are greatly reduced. This service includes:

• Site Visit & Evaluation
• Interior Fixture Plan
• CAD Blueprints
• Equipment Survey
• Merchandising Advice

Equipment purchasing through AG New England takes advantage of the significant clout of a national buying consortium. This service ensures that retailers enjoy considerable savings, special financing opportunities and sound advice, and includes:

• Expert Product Knowledge
• Price Quotes & Proposals
• Catalogs, Brochures & Spec Sheets
• Working Relationship with Installers
• Member Financing Available for Qualified Applicants

Air Curtains, Balers, Baling Wire, Carts, Ceiling Fans, Coat Racks, Compactors, Conveyors, Dock Bumpers, Dock Plates, Dock Seals, Doors, File Cabinets, Hand Trucks, Hydraulic Lifts, Ice Makers, Lockers, Pallet Trucks, Receiving Desks, Strapping, Stock Trucks, Storage Shelving, Strip Curtains, Time Clocks, U-Boats.

Case Liner, Chemicals, Floor Care Machines, Floor Mats, Mops, Mop Buckets, Mop Sinks, Pressure Washers, Soap Dispensers, Squeegees, Supplies, Trash Receptacles.

Coffee Machines, Condiment Dispensers, Fast Food Counters, Hot Dog Steamers, Microwaves, Juicers, Pizza Ovens & Warmers, Popcorn Machines, Slush Machines, Soft Pretzel Machines, Soft Serve Machines.

Aisle Markers, Awnings, Interior Décor, Menu Boards, Store Layout, Wall Décor, Signs.

Bakery Displays, Bread Racks, Donut & Pastry Displays, End Displays, Hot Food Merchandisers, Island Displays, Lobster Tanks, Produce Displays, Refrigerated Cases, Salad Bars, Shelving, Specialty Displays, Wine Displays, Wire Racks.

Cutting Boards, Donut Makers, Dunnage Racks, Food Processors, Fryolators, Grills, Ice Makers, Knives, Lug Racks, Meat Grinders, Meat Saws, Meat Tenderizers, Mixers, Ovens, Patty Machines, Proofers, Restaurant Ranges, Rolling Racks, Rotisseries, Sandwich Prep Tables, Scales, Sinks, Slicers, Small Wares, Soup Kettles, Stainless Steel Tables, Steamers, Stoves, Utensils, Vacuum Pack Machines, Vacuum Tumblers, Wrapping Stations.

Anti-fatigue Mats, Baby Seats, Benches, Cart Corrals, Cart Straps, Cash Registers, Checkout Stands, Entrance Mats, Hand Baskets, Handicap Carts, Shopping Carts.

Bakery Cases, Bagged Ice Cases, Beverage Cases, Compressors, Dairy Cases, Deli Cases, Evaporator Coils, Floral Cases, Frozen Food Cases, Ice Cream Cases, Meat Cases, Produce Cases, Seafood Cases, Spot Cases, Walk-In Coolers & Freezers, Wine Cases, and refrigeration systems.